Truck Bed Liners

At Excel Autobody Products we have our own line of Truck Bed Liner called XCellent which defends against rust, corrosion and salt. Adding a truck bed liner gives your truck a skid-proof surface that reduces cargo movement, protecting it from sliding around and being damaged.

Excel’s XCellent Truck Bed Liner is an ultra-tough urethane coating designed to be resistant to scratching and UV rays. It’s waterproof and flexible, helps reduce vibrations, and it looks cool. And when you’re prepping for spraying on the truck bed liner, don’t forget our Proline Trimwire.

ProLine is the original double-sided edge-cutting tape, known for sticking instantly while allowing for unlimited repositioning. This is our most popular trimming tape and has become the industry standard, used to trim virtually every type of spray-on truck liner.

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